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It's the Pictures

Jan 30, 2021

The first dispatch from the Sundance 2021 film festival is here! The films reviewed include CODA, Summer of Soul, One for the Road, Cryptozoo, and How it Ends. 


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Jan 26, 2021

Max is here with a preview of the Sundance 2021 Film Festival. Included are ten films recommended to watch during the fest and how to get the experience of Sundance in your home this year. If you would like the text version of this episode, check out:

Sundance Preview


Jan 20, 2021

John and Max discuss their most anticpated movies of 2021. It looks a little different this year because many of their picks haven't been released yet! They also discuss the Netflix 2021 slate, the Russell Crowe tweet, and a whole lot more. 


2021 Preview


 Action: No Time to Die, M:I 7

 Sci-fi: The...