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It's the Pictures

May 15, 2017

Max and John talking about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and the MCU this week. Things get started with a discussion of the current peak TV season and then quickly go into the trailers of the week with Blade Runner 2049 and Thor: Ragnarok 

They also discuss what they've been watching, whether or not Baby Groot is Bad, and who exactly the villains are of the MCU. 

What We've Been Watching: Max (Key Largo), John (Manchurian Candidate)


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John: @johnlgilpatrick

Max: @mhcovill

Opening: "The Stars Look Different (Ziggy Stardust Mix)"
by spinningmerkaba

Closing: "Pixie Pixels (featuring Kara Square)"
by spinningmerkaba


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