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It's the Pictures

May 5, 2017

For the second summer in a row, Max and John are competing against each other in a box office competition to find out who knows blockbusters best. John has a Disney-heavy slate, while Max takes a few chances on auteurs. The winner will get to choose a film for the loser to review on the show ... assuming he gets around to watching it.

They also discuss the passing of director Jonathan Demme, new additions to Cannes, David Fincher's World War Z 2, and the new trailer for the Kingsmen sequel. 

What We've Been Watching: Max (Singin' in the Rain, Postcards from the Edge, 24x36, Columbus, The Lost City of Z), John (Beauty and the Beast 2017)


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Opening: "The Stars Look Different (Ziggy Stardust Mix)"
by spinningmerkaba

Closing: "Pixie Pixels (featuring Kara Square)"
by spinningmerkaba

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