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It's the Pictures

Feb 28, 2019

John and Max put a nail in Oscars season 2019. They review the show giving their thoughts on some of the big winners of the night and the biggest surprises. They also talk briefly about the Indie Spirit Awards and new trailers for Rocketman, Yesterday, and a teaser for Irishman. Shout out to the late director...

Feb 19, 2019

John and Max are exploring 1999 this year and for the first episode of this series they are looking into the popular movies released during the 1st quarter of that year. The trailer of the week is Frozen 2 and there is some discussion on Netflix's High Flying Bird. Also the academy is getting rid...

Jan 28, 2019

John and Max are making their selections for the 2019 Oscars. With the nominations hot off the press, they go through and pick the favorites for each category. We also had a new trailer of the week and some thoughts on some documentaries.

Spider-Man: Far From Home
2019 Oscar Nominations

Jan 10, 2019

John and Max are starting 2019 with listing some of the films they are most excited for. First, the news about the Golden Globes winners. Then, John and Max go into what the anticipated films from last year looked like. Then they go into their list! 

Action: John Wick C3, Gemini Man
Sci-fi: Lucy in the Sky

Dec 18, 2018

Max and Valerie Ettenhofer reveal the best films of 2018. John couldn't make it, but we have his list here as well. Max and Val talk about the new Avengers: End Game trailer and then go into each of their top 10 lists for 2018. 

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